Monday, October 23, 2006

Where Cholesterol Comes From

Kudos to forums for this!

On the Quaker Oats Canada website, the Faq contains the question:
"Do oats contain cholesterol?"

The answer, wonderfully put is:
"No. Cholesterol is only found in foods sourced from mammals, birds or fish, and since oats are a grain product they do not contain cholesterol. An easy way to remember which foods contain cholesterol is to ask yourself whether the product came from something that used to walk, fly or swim. If so, it contains cholesterol."
Click here to see for yourself

Isnt it lovely when big companies have vegan propaganda? It makes me smile in my vinyl chair.

I guess Quaker oats is, well, quaker! (many quakers are vegan/vegetarian because they believe in nonviolence)

Feel free to comment if you know of any other instances :)


om said...

This blog rocks! I teach college and you write better than some of my students. I especially appreciate your use of quotations. Some college students do not know how to cite appropriately/not plagiarize. This blog gives me hope that there will be a vegan majority in the U.S. one day.

strange ~tj said...

Hilarious! I just found your blog and I enjoy reading it quite often. ;]

Anonymous said...

Haha I just found this blog randomnly and I must say I am THOROUGHLY impressed. I'm a fellow Vermonter! I'm 19 and have just recently (the past few months) made the conversion from vegetarian to vegan. I knew that I should, but I had a serious addiction to cheese and ice cream (B&J pooh!). Finally, I've been able to let that go and I am getting along just fine. Basically though, you're fabulous because you're 14 and have been on top of this for years--obviously very smart too. You've inspired me--I love your blog!

jessica said...

of course it's big business doing their marketing, in this case it is a positive one.

durruti said...

Just for your information, Quaker Oats are owned by that health-conscious company PepsiCo, who also happen to own Kentucky Fried Chicken (among others) and have their own in-house animal research lab!

Also, be wary of health claims like this - cholesterol, while coming only from animal sources, isn't necessarily as unhealthy as trans / hydrogenated fats found in many non-animal foodstuffs. And don't forget that, while Americans have reduced their overall cholesterol intake in recent years, obesity has increased as they eat far more carbs than they used to (probably in the form of many of the unhealthy snacks and drinks that PepsiCo manufacture).

Having said all that, a nice big hot bowl of porridge is a great healthy winter warmer! I just use organic porridge oats from my local veggie food co-op store.

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