Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bathroom Stalls... and More Activism

I've been feeling very angsty lately, so here are some suggestions (old and new) for advocating!

I've found that one of the best places for AR advocating is..... a bathroom stall!

Whats better to do than read the wall when you're takin a pee? Next time you're in a mall, take along some permanent sharpies, stickers, pamphlets, and whatever else you can think of. Make the stall a haven for animals!

Sticker the walls, and write AR themed messages, and put a stack of pamphlets on the cover of the crapper. Carving stuff into the walls also doesnt hurt (when its painted over, the marks will still show!)

My favorite thing to write is 'Stop eating animals, NOW" and then including a link to MFA, PETA, or IDA, along with PETA2 stickers that say "I'm not a nugget!"

This is especially good to do when you can leave KFC flyers in stickers in there if the mall has or is near a KentuckyFriedCruelty joint.

Another one of my favorite types of activism is using currency as your medium of transportation! A single dollar bill reaches many hands before it is retired. Why not write on it?

On the margins, write "Meat is a dead carcass", "Fur is dead skin", or "Stop eating animals!" (or something else of the sort) Also include links to PETA, IDA, or MFA websites.

Dont forget traditional activism! Whenever you got to a public place (esp if its out of your hometown if you live in a small area, that way if you get caught, you wont face punishment/embarassment), bring along flyers, stickers, pamphlets, buttons etc! Stick flyers under windshield wipers, leave brocures and pamphlets in waiting rooms, and hand out buttons/stickers to kids! Dont forget big stickers (like CLOSED FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY) and others that you can put up on buildings! New fur store? Get some red spray paint and write "Fur is dead" over it (or put the big CLOSED sticker on the store, preferably over glass where its harder to get off)

While all these may not be legal or condonable, remember that most of the acts of vandalism are against coperations who are already rich enough and treat animals and their employees worse than shit. Nobody deserves to make money when it comes from cruelty.

! ! ! ! ! While most activism is fine, please remember that putting anythings INSIDE a mailbox OR A MAILSLOT is ILLEGAL and is a FEDERAL offense (under mail tampering) ! ! ! ! !

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