Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its been a while... Big THANKYOU!

Wow I havent posted in a while. School's been very difficult lately. With all my classes, just getting on a computer is a very rare occurance.

Suprisingly, my views are still more than I could ever ask for, after all, I'm just a 14 year old girl in the middle of nowhere blogging about something though of society as "weird" and "radical".

It's been just about a year since I opened this website. Its provided me with a lot of joy, and a way to help promote a concept that is very close to my heart. Its always fun to check out my tracker and see people from every corner of the world visiting my site. The only continent that hasnt seen my site is Antarctica! Most teen bloggers probably couldnt say that, and I am very thankful that I can.

This weekend I should have some time on my hands to promote this site. I am always trying to get more views. Not for self-related issues, but because I think the message of veganism should be broadcasted as much as possible. If people know more, they less they feel alienated from it. Even if a heavy meat eater stumbles across this page, 5 years from now they might remember that it wasnt as weird as they thought, and that they may be interested in trying it. When I as little I always thought it was weird and difficult, but as I got older and learned more I found that it really wasnt.

So, spread the word! Make your own blog! (If you do, lets trade links!) Write stuff on dollar bills, sticker bathroom stalls, participate in demos, do leaflets and flyers! Theres so much you can do, so why not?

Love and Peace,

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