Friday, February 02, 2007

New Links/Blog Links!

I just added a bunch of new links to the website under "Blogs I Read" and I added a link to VeganOutreach (under "Links")

Please check them out and support the vegan blogosphere! I read all of the blogs listed, so they are definitely worthwhile!
Remember, if you have a vegan site that you would like to trade links with, just leave a comment! (or if you dont, why not start one? I'd be happy to give you tips to help you get the canteloup rolling!)

1 comment:

vko said...

Hi Allie!

Your blog definitely caught my eye as I have been slow to enter the blogosphere. I have just started my own vegan blog and am not only impressed by your blog, but your awareness & veganism at such an early age!

Took me thirty-something years to become enlightened about animal suffering, well, granted it took me that long to welcome a companion animal into my life, Booboo Kittie...anyway, would love some advice about how to insert article links into my paragraphs- html stuff is confusing!

Once, I get a hang of formatting & such, hopefully, my blog will flow better...

Thanks in advance!

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