Saturday, March 17, 2007

2006 PETA Annual Review

The new 2006 report has been released by PETA, which tells all of their victories for animal of all kind (circus, clothing, dinner, etc)

Check it out at


Anonymous said...

Whoops! Sorry! I misread the title of your blog. Thought it was "avirginlife"! Silly me! Some good stuff though. I learned some things, like the pet food recall. Sorry I can't agree with you oon everything though. I mean after all God gave us teeth to chew meat, right? Oh, don't mind me...I like to stir things up! Just check MY blog! You are on it!

Urban Vegan said...


And happy belated birthday. fellow Piscean vegan. ;)

Urban Vegan said...

Oh--one note to FSJFF--If you think about it, the "teeht God gave us" are not those of a carnivore. Look at the extremely pointy, sharp teeth of dogs and cats--they are carvinores are are meant to tear flesh. Our teeth are mostly flat--better from crunching up veggies and grains. Only our cuspids are pointy--and even then, just a wee bit.

Plus, we have very long digestive tracts--like most herbivorous creatures. Carnivores have extremely short digestive tracts so they can eliminate the meat they consume within hours. When humans eat meat, it just putrifies in our guts.

Anonymous said...

I am also a Vegan and love it! I am very upset about this Pet Food Poison! My cat Millie just went through this, I had no idea what happened until now. She got very sick and after hundreds of dollars on Vet appt, we had her tested and they gave her nutrients and Antibiotics and she died due to Kidney failure. She was Very Healthy before she was Poisoned by Menu Foods. I hope this opens the eyes of everyone and we will all do more to make sure we all eat safely! We need to write to our Politicions and demand that this never happens again!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I have been learned! I mean that in a good way. Very interesting. However, why did we start out eating animals if we were meant to be herbivores? I know we have evolved. Take the appendix, a totally useless organ today; however, at one time it served a useful purpose in the digestion of plants.
Anyway, to me there is nothing like a nice juicy steak on the barbeque on a warm afternoon with a cold drink. It does wonders for the men in our lives too.

KleoPatra said...

Hey, hello! And a happy belated b'day! Mine was 5 March. Nice to "meet" you. Enjoying your blog, by the way!

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