Friday, March 16, 2007

Another Reason To Not Buy Iams Brand

According to the Associated Press, 60 MILLION containers of Iams and Eukanuba wet pet food has been recalled. (Iams owns Eukaneuba, both are under Proctor and Gamble.)

Many dogs and cats have had kidney failure and vomiting from eating the food, and 10 animals DIED.
“At this juncture, we’re not 100 percent sure what’s happened,” said Paul
Henderson, the company’s president and chief executive officer.

The pet foods that were recalled had been using a new supplier for wheat gluten (protein), which may have caused the fatalities.
The recall covers the company’s “cuts and gravy” style food, which consists of
chunks of meat in gravy, sold in cans and small foil pouches between Dec. 3 and
March 6. The pet food was sold by stores operated by the Kroger Company, Safeway
Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and PetSmart Inc., among others, Henderson said.

The specific products that were recalled (by Proctor and Gamble) are as followed:
3 oz.
5.5 oz.
6 oz.
13.2 oz.
3 oz.
5.3 oz.
(These products are made for dogs and cats.)
The recalled products bear the code dates of 6339 through 7073 followed by the plant code 4197

The products are produced under Menu Foods, but they are sold as Iams and Eukaneuba brand pet food. SO PLEASE, If you own ANY wet food by Iams and Eukanuba, throw it out or get your money back and choose another pet food company.
(to read the entire article, click here)

Besides this new incident, Iams is ownded by Proctor and Gamble (P&G), a company with one of the worst animal testing histories, not only for their dog food, but for cosmetics and other human products.

Iams has been known to cut out sections of thigh muscle in living dogs to "test" their food. Also, many of these "supermarket" pet foods are not very good for your pet. Most of these products use corn as a main ingredient, which is a "filler" and has no nutrition value. They are also pumped with artifical ingredients, and are essentially processed foods. If you wouldnt eat junk food every day, don't feed it to your pets please.

Newman's Own makes great pet foods, though it can be expensive. Other non-organic (and thus cheaper) pet foods that are still natural include Solid Gold (my doggie eats this, she loves it!), Old Mother Hubbard, PetSmart, and Chicken Soup.


Palm Springs Savant said...

I work for PETCO, we took this very seriously as soon as we heard and removed any related product from the shelves as a precaution as a safety measure for animals. I posted PETCO's information on my own blog as well:

by the way, if you'd like a personal opinion, you might like a brand by castor and pollux called Natural Ultramix. it has raw fruits and veggies in it. good stuff.

vko said...

Peta has a list of companies that do not test their food on animals- which is why I stick to Newman's & Halo's Spot's Stew. Here' the peta list of approved companies:

I think Old Mother Hubbard/Wellness- which is what I used to feed Booboo- is not on that Peta list, so doesn't mean they definitely test, but since they won't subject themselves to scrutiny- I'd rather not buy them and buy a company that definitely doesn't test.

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