Friday, March 16, 2007

Salmonella Found In Wild Kitty Cat Food

Wow, what is with pet food recalls this week?

Reuters reported that this Tuesday, the FDA warned cat owners against buying Wild Kitty cat food, which is a frozen raw food. This is because salmonella was found in certain batches of the cat food while the FDA was doing a routine analysis on the food.

The FDA says the infected batches were Wild Kitty Chicken & Clam food (3 other flavors are also made). The agency warned pet owners not to buy any more of the food, and safely dispose of whatever they may have.

[Wild Kitty] advertises itself as a raw food that does not include any artificial
flavorings or preservatives and is sold in frozen, single-serving and 1 pound

Besides the fact that the contaminated food is harmful to the cats, humans who come in contact with the pet food are also at risk for salmonella poisoning, along with those who come in close contact with infected animals.

The people with the highest susceptibility to salmonella poisoning are the ill, the elderly, people with weak immune systems, and young children.


Anonymous said...

Contaminated/Poisoned IAMS Cat Food Almost Killed my Cat

I just spent a roller coaster of a last 8 days with my cat Simon, after taking my cat to the vet after 3 days of not eating, lethargy, and vomiting. Find out that there has been a recall of the Iams food that I was feeding to Simon. He only ate one or two pouches and became super sick. I was told by regular vet that he had severe kidney failure and needed immediate attention by the emergency animal hospital. I then took him to Frendship Hospital for Animals.

His kidney's were enlarged with levels of Creatine and another chemical that were 5 times the normal amount. He was place on an aggressive treatment of IV fluids, received an ultrasound, and blood pressure medicine. On his last night in the hospital, he had somewhat of a seizure where he urinated, defecated, and went berserk. The vet believes it is a residual effect of what has happened to his kidneys.

Many times I was told that he was close to dying and could die overnight. Simon is only 8 years old, and sever renal failure is not common for such a young cat, nor are such high levels

Fortunately, I was able to bring him home today, but need to continue with 3 different medications and a daily IV drip. And will need continue such care for about 3 months.

His total medical bill is about $3,000 so far. I have been on hold for IAMS for over 30 minutes now.

The Vegan Chick said...

Oh my god, I am so sorry for you and your poor cat. This is terrible, I cant believe something this dangerous went past inspection, even by a P&G company.

May you and Simon have the best of luck, I hope he gets well and strong and healthy as soon as possible. Please keep me posted on how he is doing, this is just absolutely horrible.

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