Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy Track Girl

I've been crazy busy the last few weeks. I had a huge Biology presentation/paper, and then it"s been nonstop Spanish, French, and Algebra II.

I've also been doing track and the practices are quite long. This past Wednesday, I had a meet at Spaulding (Barre) and I did really well (vegan athletes! rule!)

I got 3rd place in the girls 800m, out of at least 10 or 12 other high school girls!! I was supposed to have a meet today at Harwood Union (Duxbury), but it was rained out (of course though, we didn't find out until AFTER we got there). Well, I shouldn't say we. I (and the coach). Its a freshman/sophomore meet and I'm the only freshman (or sophomore).

So I ended up missing time with my boyfriend AND the sports assembly at school. And I happen to hold 4 school records :P They are:
HS Girls Long Jump - 10'4 (really sucky, the weather was bad but I'm the first girl to do this event!)
HS Girls 800m - 3:01.57 - Again, first HS girl to do this BUT I will improve this season cuz:
JNR HIGH Girls 800m - 2:56
JNR HIGH Girls 400m - 77 (or 1:17)

Ya I like braggin' because people say vegans don't make good athletes.... BULLSHIT!!


OrganicAthlete said...

Keep it up!

hunter said...

OH yeah thats the Allie I know. Keeping it fast.

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