Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quickie Meals

Sometimes you don't always have enough time to prepare a homemade meal. And sometimes you're just really hungry. Cooking can take a long time, even if you have a toaster oven. And who wants to spend all their time every night cooking? (Though dont get me wrong, cooking wholesome meals is a very good thing to do!)

My mother doesn't allow a microwave in the house because they change the chemical structure of food. Seeds will not germinate if they are only given microwaved water. Also, microwaves destroy vitamin B12, an essential vitamin that is rarely found in plant sources (most soymilks, cereals, and countless other items are fortified with it.) So if your only source of B12 comes from your cereal, don't microwave it because you may develop a deficiency (you only need 3micrograms a day, and it takes up to 3 years before you can develop a severe deficiency.)

Here are some healthy, natural, and homemade meals you can make in about 10 minutes or less, OR they only take 10 mins or less of preparation time.
  • Pasta with marinara - Heat the water from the tap first before putting it in the pan (only do this if your plumbing is fairly new, don't do this with lead pipes!) Using hot water saves about 5 or 10 minutes. Also, use quick cooking pasta like cappellini and angel hair.
  • Portobello burgers (wash mushroom, saute mushroom, eat mushroom)
  • Vegan quesadillas (avocado instead of cheese)
  • Salad with sliced bell pepper and cucumber with a good dressing (and crutons if you wish)
  • Scallion Mashed Potatoes - while the taters take more time to cook, you can do something else while you wait, it only takes 3 minutes at the end to put mash them.
  • Stir-fry - Use frozen assorted vegetables


Jeffrey Dach MD said...

Vitamin B12 deficiency is estimated to affect 10%-15% of individuals over the age of 60. A recent study in Israel of elderly hospitalized patients found 40% had low or borderline serum B12 levels. Vegetarians are another group with inadequate dietary B12 intake since much of our B12 comes from meat consumption. A recent study showed 50% of long term vegetarians have B12 deficiency, with decreased serum B12 levels and elevated homocysteine levels.

For more information on Vitamin B12 deficiency, see my newsletter

Jeffrey Dach MD

cube said...

I had never heard that about seeds not germinating when only given microwaved water. Do you know what it changes about the water molecule that makes it so different that a mere seed would find it unacceptable? Just curious.

Here via BE.

herbivore said...

Thats so cool that your mother doesn't allow a microwave. My mom didn't either until we moved and our dinky townhome came with one built in. I've used it (not for cereal) but I think I will stop. I already knew that it was bad, I didn't know it destroyed B-12.

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