Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good Page About Why Milk is Not Natural

This page gives a quick explanation why cows milk isn't for humans, and why it's unnecessary to humans. It's very basic, but if you know of a person who has no idea why you won't drink milk (like a parent), you can try the evolution-nutrition explanation instead of why-it's-cruel explanation (some people are too apathetic to understand the latter, like my father.)


jessica said...

the dairy industry certainly brain washed people into believing the need for dairy. also, people are allowing this belief. it's working both ways.
i wish people would recognize this unnecessary consumption.
thanks for the link.

jessica said..., poll is showing "cannot process request".

Erin said...

A good book with an alarmist title:

Milk: the deadly poison by Robery Cohen

Also, the link you provided to the page on milk also has a free Try Veg bumper sticker offer. Thanks!

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