Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pictures of My Veg*n Life

I've been gone for a bit, we finally got the internet to work on both computers at the same time :)
So here are some pictures of my vegan life, they might kinda suck, I took them on my LG VX9800 camera phone, I'm too cheap to actually buy a digital camera.

--------- Plants-----------

These are the catnip seedlings that I'm growing for my kitty Deuce (pic later on, he's cute!)

This is the Coleus plant. I have three in my outdoor garden, and two on my windowsill garden.

Heres another Coleus!

These are the first seedlings from my pumpkin plants. I'm growing the ones that grow to 70+ lbs. They're actually a lot bigger now, this was taken about a week ago.

This is my window garden, three pots of catnip and two Coleus.


This is Deuce, sneaking into my shopping bag :)

This is Deuce again.

This is my mom's-boyfriend's-daughter's pygmy goat, her name is Peanut, she's a pygmy goat. Jen is actually making her own blog called Pygmy Goats, and it should be up in a little while, the url is:


It's me! It looked a lot brighter on my phone, and I'm too lazy to lighten it in Photoshop, so make your moniter brighter if you want to see my stunning beauty =D

I bought this shirt for 25 cents in a thrift shop (I wasn't going to pay 15 bucks in JC Penney)

Here's my report card (PI is blanked/blurred out) I got another 4.0 yay! (That means all my grades were at or above a 95) Vegan power!
Thats it for now!


vko said...

Ah, I love these pictures of your vegan life and Deuce is the cutest and it's always nice to know smart, attractive vegans- well honestly, I think that applies to most vegans!

The catnip seedlings are cute too!

jessica said...

how sweet deuce is.
good shopping for the shirt.
you look lovely even with the dark picture.

jessica said...

oh, and congrats on th 4.0.
yes it is vegan power.

JEN_2 said...

fqI think Peanut is the cutest being the owner and all. Althow Duce is cute in that pic too.

Gnewveg said...

Your kittie is so cute.. I have cats as well and they bring you alot of joy.. Love and laughter the cats give back especially when they have such unique personalities. Is your cat on a vegan diet? I have seen some sites that talk about that.

Google Search!