Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Back!

I only expected to be gone for a week while I moved from VT to CT, but it turned out to be a month!
First, my internet satellite was knocked out by a thunderstorm, and we weren't about to pay $75 for someone to fix it when we had to cancel the service anyways a week later because we're moving.
And then once we moved, all we had was dial-up. I....hate....dial-up..... It makes me wish I was a monkey because then I could throw poo at people (legally).
So finally, we signed up for High-speed. And then we discovered that the Ethernet driver wasnt installed on the computer. So I had to go through tech support to use the USB connection to the modem (and we then found out that you cannot have both cords plugged in together.)

But I'm back now!

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Saoirse said...

I am glad you're back. :)

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