Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Food Shopping

Since moving to Connecticut, most of the family food shopping has been at the Big Y (but try finding something organic or w/o additives, then it's Big Lie)

Finally, we went to Shaws yesterday. YAY SHAWS!
Most Shaw's have Natural Harvest sections. I found all sorts of Tofutti products (pizza, cuties, pints) and they actually have tofu with good dates on them! They have tons of pre-made meals from different cuisines (Indian, Japanese, items from the Moosewood Cookbook), and organic anything.

I'm not advertising for them, but if you have a hard time finding vegan specialty foods (they carry Ener-G egg replacer, I was almost out!), you should give Shaws a try. Most have the natural harvest section, if it's a smaller town they will usually only have a aisle labelled "Nutritional", which is still probably better than many other supermarkets.


Saoirse said...

I didn't know about Shaws. I did know that Big Y was pretty much useless though. Stop and Shop has a pretty good natural foods section too. The one near me occasionally has soy yogurt. :)

Is there a natural foods co-op near you?

Colleen said...

I tagged you for the 8 true things about your life meme. I apologize if you've already been tagged before. For more info, go to my blog at: I love your blog and am looking forward to your posting.

tippitappi said...

just a quick note:
I think you may be interested on this new online shop... We share the same ideas...

Ophelia Bathory said...

I love Shaws! It's excellent for buying all of the specialty foods that I love. Shaws has changed a lot since when I first became a vegetarian, but since they've been expanding thier natural and health foods scetion over the past few years, they became a lifesaver when I went vegan.

However, if Shaws is rather far from you, then there's still plenty of things you can do with food from the regular market. Rice, beans, veggies, lentils, and egg-free pasta are always great.

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