Friday, January 18, 2008

Exams and Track Meets

Track meet tomorrow at Hillhouse in New Haven, I'm pretty excited. It's an invitational so I'm only doing two events, the 300m and the 4x400m. Which happen to be my not-so-great events. I just hope I don't get the innermost lane for the 300 because I'm not great with the tight corners of an indoor track (outdoor no problem).
And starting Tuesday I have exams :(

Here's my schedule:
Tuesday - College U.S. History, then College Chemistry
Wednesday - Honors Math Analysis (aka PreCalc), then College World Literature 10
Thursday - French III
Friday - Spanish II
I'm really mad, 'cause the schedule is periods 7,1,5,6,2,4,3. Why couldn't they have gone in order??? Why do Chemistry and History (the two most comprehensive) have to be in the same day? And why do French and Spanish have to be at the end by themselves? They are soooo easy!

Oh well. No use complaining over something that won't change. At least the meet should be fun.

For those of you who don't know, indoor meets start at 10 and go to 4:30 or so. And since New Haven is pretty far, I have to be at school for the bus at 7:30 (we get there early to warm up) and we get home around 5:30 or 6, maybe later. It's an all day experience. So pretty much we athletes hang around in the hallways and set up blankets, eat food, fool around, play music on my iFlop monkey, and watch movies if someone brings a T.V. So we do that for about 7 hours, and actually do track for maybe an hour, if that.

So I'll be bringing a smorgasbord of food with me, which shall include:
Veggie sandwich
Pb&J sandwich
Ritz crackers
LUNA bars
Dry cereal in a big
BBQ soy crisps
and anything else I can find.

And of course, my iFlop monkey! It actually can sit up and when it plays the earphones it's wearing light up! (If you didn't know, its a stuffed animal that you can plug into an iPod and it will play music!)

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