Saturday, January 19, 2008


I did really well in the meet today. First of all, my 4x400 relay team and I got 1st place in our heat, and 8th overall out of 17. We could have done even better if we were in a fast heat (we beat the seed time by 15 seconds). We ended up getting 4:45, which is 7 seconds away from making the State Tournament (and 2 seconds per person is pretty easy to manage). And I got a personal best in the race for 1:13 (I was already tired from the 300m).
In the 300m, I got 51.7, which is pretty decent. I came in 30th out of 54. If I had gotten a quarter-second faster I would have came in around 15th, which is how close the race was (9 heats!).
So overall it was a pretty fun day. But now I'm wicked tired!

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