Saturday, February 16, 2008

AR Wear

I love to shop, so I found myself bored at work and window shopping online. I found some pretty cool things on the PETA Catalog. Once I transfer my savings account to a checking account in March when I'm 16, I'll actually be able to use my credit/debit card to buy stuff from here online. Yay! (The [x]'s are the links to the catalog page)

[x] "Want Fries With That?" Designed by Ian Grushka of New Found Glory - $16

x] "No, I Don't Have Any Spare Ribs!". This is a long-time fave of mine - $16
x] This is much better alternative to those over-worn "Hollister" logo shirts - $20
x] This Peta2 hoodie looks so warm! And ethical! - $41.95
x] "Spay Today, Save A Life Tomorrow". This looks really cute! - $9.75
x] PETA Bunny Necklace. How cute! I want this for next V-Day! - $20
x] This reminds me of those ghetto name necklaces. Comes in gold and silver. - $20, gold is on sale for $10

[x] Your basic PETA shirt, in my favorite color of black - $16, White Youth Med $5

[x] 50 Awesome Ways Kids Can Help Animals by Ingrid E. Newkirkc - $12.99
[x] Frog Saving Lilypad! Helps frogs get out of swimming pools (over the ledge) so they don't drown! HOW INGENIOUS! Yay for PETA! - $15

[x] Humane Smart Mouse Trap - $11

[x] PRIMAL STRIPS!!!! Vegan Beef Jerky, these are sooo good! - $1.29 each, seitan teriyaki and soy bbq

They also have some pretty good sales, on this page.

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