Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some (Crazy) Blog Stats

Here are some facts about my blog and some interesting stuff I found out using my StatCounter.

Basic Facts:

First Blog Post: January 28, 2006
My age then: 13 (almost 14)
My age now: 15 (almost 16!)
First profile picture: click here
First recipe : Grilled Chreese and Butternut Squash Soup; January 28, 2006
Most Commented Post: Vegan Fast Food Options; 50 comments
5 Most Popular Posts (of last 100 hits):
  • Vegan Fast Food Options
  • Vegan Shopping List!
  • 6 Vegan Myths
  • 20 Reasons to Go Vegan
  • Best Vegan Tacos Ever

Most Used Search Engine: Google (95-100%)
Monitor Resolution of Most Viewers: 1024 x 768 (A close 2nd place is 1280 x 1024)
Two Most used Browsers by Viewers: Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox 2.0
Average Unique Visitors per Day: 131
Busiest Day for Visitors: Sunday
Busiest Months For Posts: February and March 2006, 33 posts each month

Every once in a while I like to check what keywords or search words people use on search engines to find my blog. Here are some good ones that have been in my last 100 hits:
  • Cakes that look like cow pies
  • Sexy vegan
  • Attractive vegans
  • Best tacos ever recipe
  • Breasts explode
  • XL Tv life

Goal for 2008: Get 30,000 unique visitors!

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