Saturday, March 01, 2008

Almost My Birthday!

I'm so excited! Monday will be my 16th birthday! It won't be a good birthday school wise though, I have double chemistry lab (so I'll spend the night typing a report) and the next 2 weeks are standardized testing. Oh well. This weekend I'm pretty much going to just hang out with my boyfriend at the mall/movie theater, so that will be fun.
For my birthday I asked for a roman ab chair, a ride cymbal for my drum kit, and a wooden bass pedal for my drum kit, and most importantly DRIVER'S ED. I really need the ed, because I'm terrible at driving (at least reversing, going straight I'm all set). So hopefully I'll get that because I'd love to have my license before soccer season. Some vegan chocolate wouldn't be a bad gift either.

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Gnewvegan said...

Happy Early Birthday Allie. Sorry about the chem test on your birthday but I hope you have a good day. I will send you some good wishes for you chem test.

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