Saturday, March 22, 2008


My life just started to get even crazier because track started. So now I don't get home til around 4:30, which makes it hard to be able to cook anything anymore :( But I think in a few minutes I am going to make some chocolate cupcakes, so that will be good. Last night I slept over my friend Jessica's house, and we're pretty crazy. So since nothing totally vega-licious has happened in the last week, I'll just post some pics of my birthday party from last week!
Birthday 3-09-08

The awesome vegan birthday cake. Chocolate with vanilla frosting, in my favorite color.

My little half brother on the trampoline.

The FOOD!!! The yellow cake isn't vegan (that was for my mom) and everything else there was except for some turkey. There was salad, two kinds of pasta salad, stuffing, corn/bean salad and some other things. It was great!


Gnewvegan said...

Looks like a great Birthday..

vko said...

Happy Belated Birthday Allie! Looks like you had a good one. Thanks again for tagging me for the meme- have not had a chance to get to it yet, but hope to soon.

Eat Halal said...

Vegans are dead..

sad stuff.,,,,

mvegan said...

Hi! Love your blog! ;0) So cute, and I want a bite of the vegan birthday cake... yummmy!

I wanted to pass on these amazing groups I'm a part of for possible features/links on your blog:

I run Etsy for Animals: Artists Helping Animals, a group of artists and artisans helping animals, many are veg/vegan and donate to animal charities thru sales.
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Please let me know if you feature any of the above,
Thank you,
Michele Glick

JEN_2 said...

hey vegan. I made the food give me some credit geees. I finnaly have some time to work on my blog @ moms its comin good.

Got to go c u tom Love u


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