Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to Celebrate a Vegan St. Patrick's Day!

You don't have to eat corned beef to celebrate St. Patricks Day. Here are some ways to celebrate veganly!
  • Be Irish. Not that you'll be able to do this if you aren't Irish to begin with, but St. Patty's Day is always better when you're Irish (I'm 50%, which is how I know what to write here)
  • Wear green. Duh. Or else it will be my personal mission to pinch you.
  • Eat an Irish Breakfast.
  • And then an Irish Supper.
  • Paint a shamrock on your face using eyeliner, and wear green makeup.
  • Make some kind of dessert with green frosting.
  • Talk with a brogue. But make sure you know what it's supposed to sound like because if you go around with an English accent you will get slapped.
  • Don't wear orange (like my Grandpa does every year), unless it is part of an Irish flag, or a hurling/footie uniform (I'm wearing my Carlow county jersey tomorrow, which has some orange on it.)
  • Play hurling or gaelic football. Hurling is pretty much lacrosse+baseball on crack, and gaelic football is soccer with your hands and some crazy dribbling rules. Mad fun.
  • Kiss an Irish person.


Gnewvegan said...

It is always nice to see vegan holiday recipes that others enjoy.. The more we share how veganism is possible every day and every holiday it helps to show people veganism is a way of life that indeed can be done.

Happy Saint Patty's day Allie.

V said...

mmm...Irish breakfast=great idea!
Down with corned beef!!

JEN_2 said...

i dont remember that st. patricks day o well

Google Search!