Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Got Tagged!

I've been tagged by the lovely Paulina at Veggie Delight to reveal 5 things about myself... (yippee!)
1. I dont follow a specific stereotype. Lets see, I play soccer and track, skateboard and play drums, wear all black one day and the next day bright pink. When I wear all black I wear hot pink eyeliner and when I wear all pink all my makeup is black. My iPod playlist has Joan Jett, Christina Aguilera and Disturbed next to each other. My 3 favorite places to shop are Forever 21 (eclectic), Aeropostale (girlyish), and Hot Topic (punk/goth). I have 7 piercings and I also happen to be Valedictorian. Maybe I should see the psych.

2. I have an extremely acute sense of smell. If someone is wearing a certain fruit or floral smell (ie Bath and Body works) I can name the scent very quickly. And if I walk by someone I can know exactly what perfume they are wearing, even if I've only smelled it once. And when I cook with herbs I usually choose them from olfactory memory, not by names or loooks. And I always remember what someone smells like. Always.

3. I want to have a career in foreign languages. Currently I'm taking French 3 and Spanish 2, and in college I want to additionally take Italian, Russian, Finnish, and German.

4. I'm an athiest. I'm fine with people believing in whatever they want to believe, but I've had too many people approach me as though I'm a free agent for whatever they believe in, so I've gotten turned off from religion. Plus, people argue over it waaaaay too much. And I just don't buy the whole getting-swallowed-by-a-whale-and-hey-I'm-alive deal, but that's just my opinion.

5. I had severe depression for 4 years (therapists and very close to antidepressents) but I kept my grades up and very few people noticed (I'm alot better now) . And I can't stand when people blame their problems/depression for bad grades.I don't think that there are smart people and stupid people, but that there are people who recognize that they have the power to do well, and there are people who are more concerned with other things and blame their stupidity instead of willpower for their grades. But that's just me, it's alot harder to manage your grades when you have other issues (I'd know!), but it is not impossible.
So there you have it, 5 unique things about me.
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Billy said...

This tag is going all over the vegan blogosphere. I was tagged earlier today. :)

I like your blog. I've added you to my blogroll.

Saoirse said...

Hey Allie.

I still read your blog all the time and love it. :)

I just wanted to point out that while it's awesome that you were able to keep up your grades while depressed, it isn't always possible for people to do so. I was valedictorian too. And I've spent the past few years in and out of crippling depression due to bipolar disorder. Sometimes staying alive is hard enough. Not to mention that in some cases depression has very real cognitive effects. School has remained a top priority for me, but my best effort looks different than it once did. I only have so much mental, emotional, and physical energy to devote to keeping myself alive.

Anyhow, it was cool learning more about you. Keep up the awesome work in school, track, and in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I find this post interesting regarding maintaining ones grades while suffering from depression. I have to agree, aside from the cases of Extremely Severe Depression, the likes of which would require more extensive treatment(ie suicidal). I reflect on my own school career , which was rocky at best, and sometimes i myself give in to blame-storming any thing in my life to justify how I feel. Thanx for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Many of the points you make in your blog are fabulous, entertaining to read and often, I forget how young you are. But, alas, you write something stupid like your little comment on depression. You are VERY childish and very closeminded, you only see the world through your experiences rather than opening yourself up and putting yourself into other's shoes. I hope someting, at somepoint, hits you like a ton of bricks so you change your ways.

Allie said...

Pardon me, but the only thing we can write about personally are our own experiences. For others, I'm sure things are different, but I get upset when people put all the blame on something without taking responsibility for their own actions. Yes, things may be difficult. But if it matters to you more than anything else, you can overcome it. If it doesnt matter to you 110%, then too bad. I'm NOT saying that its a bad thing, its just people shouldnt blame something when they really do have the power to overcome and they just arent making it a priority.
I see things from other people point of view when its necessary, but considering the first two words in the title of my blog are "my life", I'm trying to keep it to my own experiences as much as possible, this isnt a philosophy blog.

JEN_2 said...

omg vegans

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