Sunday, September 07, 2008

Layout Switcharoo - Ads

I kind of changed the layout around a bit। I put the Google search bar on top where it is more accessible, and I put the disclaimer on the bottom of the page so it would stand out more. In case you haven't seen it before, it just says to give me credit if you use anything from this site.
I also rearranged the sidebar to make it a little more logical (important things coming first and more noticeable, making the ads easier to see.)

I didn't put any more ads up, but I put the Google search where you can see it now (I have no idea why I put it in a place nobody would look for it.) The search bar does generate revenue, so if you need to search for something please use it, it does the same thing as going to My plan for the ad money is to do things to help animals and/or my college fund (I'm trying to find a career that will let me help animals.)

So legally I can't ask you to click on the ads, but I can say what the money will be used for. I'm not a person who is usually for ads, but college is expensive and my career or donations will help animals. And to be quite honest, some of the ads are actually really good, I just printed out a coupon for vegan cheese!

If you have any suggestions on the site layout or any gadgets I should add, please let me know I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

i just want to let you know that your blog has brought me so much encouragment (sp?). Tomorrow i've been a vegan for a week and your blog has provided a lot of great food and amazing shoping. I know you're prolly super stressed w/ school, but take pride in the fact that you are making a difference! God bless!

Google Search!