Saturday, September 06, 2008

Time??? What Time??

Well I haven't posted in quite some time.. I feel extremely guilty about it. Lets see, here are my excuses. I worked about 30 hours every week once school ended and did driver's ed on top of that. Then right afterwards I went to Ireland for 3 weeks and never was able to get on a computer. Then immediately after I got home I went to soccer camp for a week, and then I had pre-season training.

And school just started two weeks ago and I am already royally sick of it. I'm taking 5 honors credits. 5 classes (Government, Euro History, English, French History, and French Literature) count as 16 credits for the University of Connecticut (they're transferable), and then I'm taking AP Calculus and AP Chemistry, along with Health and Gym. So even with my study hall, I have multiple papers due each week. Argh!

So I'm trying my best to blog. I love to do it, but I have other things I should probably be doing instead :( I'm going to try to write multiple posts at once and then have them be uploaded automatically at different dates so it looks like I'm posting content regularly. But no guarantees yet, I need to find the time to write them! I cant wait til I'm out of school!!!

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