Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Love Veggie Burgers

Today for lunch I made a kick-butt veggie burger. My favorite brand of veggie burgers is Gardenburger. Today, I made the Veggie Medley burger (I also love the Vegan Grillers burger but they are harder to find.) The Veggie Medley is made from a base of brown rice, and has all sorts of veggie goodness in it.

To jazz it up, I made a lettuce-wrapped burger. Instead of using a bun or bread, I used some delicious Boston Lettuce (the leaves are light green, round and quite large) to wrap the burger in. On top, I put ketchup, white wine Dijon mustard, and some fried onions. The only onions I had were too strong to eat raw so I fried them in the left over canola oil. For extra jazz, I added some sliced avocado. The avocado sort of mimics mayonnaise, but it adds a unique creamy flavor (think of the selling points for the Big Mac or Whopper over a regular burger.)

I then topped it with another 2 pieces of lettuce and it was gone very quickly! It was a bit messy (I should have let the burger cool first and blotted off some of the grease from the onions are burgers) but none the less delicious. The picture shown is before I added the top pieces of lettuce, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to see anything! I apologize for the quality, I was hungry and didn't want to use my digital camera so I just snagged this with my cell (The avocado looks more yellow than green in this!)

And tonight I'm having another veggie burger for dinner because I am eating with my step-grandparents (my mom and step-dad are on their honeymoon) and since they are making homemade oven fries, (Mmm!) a burger seems like the perfect compliment.


Zoe Winters said...

Fantastic Blog! :)

I started a vegan blog a wee while ago! Don't think anyone reads it though!

I will have to bookmark your page so I can read more later!


Irish Vegan said...

Great blog, veggie burger are the biz

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