Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who Would The Animals Vote For?

This may be somewhat of a reiteration of this post, however, with election day a little less than a week a way, I think it is important to bring it up again. With the upcoming election still pretty close (polls are known for misleading people), here is some information you need to know about the candidates so you can make a good decision if animals are important to you.

Sarah Palin an animal's worst nightmare. She supports aerial hunting of wolves (one of the most cruel forms of hunting), because she claims that wolves are eating moose and caribou. This of course, would be natural. However, since moose and caribou are favorites of Alaskan hunters, the wolves need to be killed so there are more moose and caribou to kill. In fact though, the wolves in that area eat mostly other small animals. Alaska is the only state to allow this.

Palin also wants to remove polar bears from the endangered species list (she even sued the national government for it.) This would make it easier to drill for oil in ANWR (Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.) She also claims that global warming is a farce. Global warming is one of the reasons WHY polar bears are on the endangered species list, because their habitat is melting away.

In addition, she promotes the Iditarod race, owns a commercial fishing business, and is an NRA member.

John McCain supports offshore drilling (which ruins habitats) and wants more nuclear power. Nuclear power has been known to harm animals. In an article I read for my current events class, in a particularly radioactive area, some asexual worms were reproducing sexually (though my class thought that was a good thing for the worms...)

Barack Obama has said he supports animal rights. He has proven this also with his record. In the Illinois Senate, he sponsored a bill that prevented horse slaughter, and he has been endorsed by the Human Society many times. Here is a from Obama:
I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other. And it's very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals.

Not to be biased here, but the Democratic party has always been a step ahead of the Republicans when it comes to animal issues. Read this blog to see how the lawmakers stack up against each other. If you go to the bottom, you will see that Joe Biden received one of the highest scores for protecting animals (John McCain, not so much.)

I know animals aren't everything that matter in this upcoming election, but regardless of your position, Barack is right in his quote that how we treat animals reflects how we treat ourselves. Obama and Biden have records showing that they respect animals and McCain and Palin certainly do not.


Kate Alexis Clausen said...

it's a little late, but great post! I voted for Barak, and am doubly glad that I did now!

Anonymous said...

It's funny to read this...have you ever read "Dominion" by Richard Scully? Show me a Democratic Party member of higher status whose done more (and I dont mean the sow gestation crate ban effective 2010, because that was the poeple's doing) in the name of animal rights and I'll believe what you say about the democrats. BTW I voted for Obama, so don't think im biased. And, not to burst your bubble, but Obama and his cabinet members dont give a shit about animal rights--look at the history of bills presented to the senate by republicans and democrats and tell me if you think otherwise.

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