Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter Pet Safety

This winter my Students For Animal Advocacy group will be making winter-pet safety brochures to pass around the school!

I am really excited for this, because our adviser, a vegan, has sort of steered us in the promoting veganism direction. As much as I like promoting veganism, I'm really afraid it has alienated us from people who like animals but aren't vegetarian.

Winter pet safety includes using nontoxic ice melts, storing antifreeze away from pets, banging on car hoods, and keeping dangerous plants away from pets.

Our plan is to pass out the brochures in the morning with people dressed as our school mascot (a bulldog) and as another dog costume we have. When the brochures are finished (on Wednesday) I will post the file so everyone else can use them!

EDIT 01/05/10: Sorry the file hasn't been posted yet! I wasn't able to get the file off the school computers before winter break and these past two days back have been super busy. I plan on getting it sometime this week when I have a free period, sorry again for the delay!


Dr. Carl Myers said...

I loved reading your blog and much appreciate your straight up compassion for animals.
I kept coming to your blog on vegan fast food. I own three vegan fast food restaurants in AZ and CA and love serving food that is compassionate, healthy, and better for the environment.
Good luck to you.
carl myers

Anonymous said...

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