Friday, January 29, 2010

Vegan Discoveries

I love it when I find out that ostensibly non-vegan foods are actually vegan! 

Just this week I discovered that Fruit by the Foot and World Classics Trading Co. Majestic Mint chocolate bars are vegan.

You would think that Fruit by the Foot would have gelatin because it is goey, but instead it gets its texture from pear concentrate and locust bean gum. I used to eat them like crazy when I was a kid, so now I am really excited that I can enjoy them again.

It was also really exciting to find a good vegan chocolate bar. My grocery store (Big Y) has a terrible selection of brands that specialize in natural foods. Natural food brands are great for finding vegan options because they generally try to keep the ingredients lists of their foods small, so they won't unnecessary extras like whey. World Classics isn't really a health food brand, but they aren't a General Mills / Nabisco company either.

What I like about this chocolate is that it is only 55% percent cacao. To get a vegan chocolate from a regular supermarket brand, you usually have to go to at least 70% cacao in order for there to be no milk in it (You can find chocolate chips at 65%, but many brands will add milk when it is in bar form). I dislike bitter chocolate because it makes me feel sick (don't know why, but super dark chocolate gives me a headache and a stomachache), so this is a great chocolate that is sweet and light enough yet still vegan. It's smooth and creamy, not grainy like many vegan chocolates. Plus it has crunchy mint pieces in it :) Score!

Enough with my chocogasmic ramblings...
Have you had any recent/groundbreaking vegan discoveries? Please share!

P.S. Wanna know favorite part about finding seemingly non-vegan foods? It's when I eat them in front of my omnivorous friends (and especially friends who are considering going vegan/vegetarian) and they say, "Hey, those are vegan? I guess you really don't just eat lettuce and carrot sticks!" This happens to me with Oreos a lot, people assume the cream is from milk (they're actually made from vegetable fat).


Anonymous said...

Skittles recently came out with a non-gelatin flavor, Crazy Colors or something like that. If you like Oreos, have you ever tried the Newman's Organics Newman-O's? I actually like those better than Oreos.

Kiki said...

YUM!!!!!! Thanks so muchhhhhh for the info on the oreos...vegetable fat (gross) but that's awesome that it's vegan! I'm a vegetarian but I love finding things that are vegan that are delicious!

But I agree with the other post the Newman cookies are just as good!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, it's so good to see people who care about a life without pain for our dear animals!

Daughter of God said...

oh thats so good to know! So do u know if the cookie part of the oreo (the chocolate part) is it not made with milk?

Addie said...

Wow, I didn't know oreos were vegan! That is awesome!

Alycia said...

I found a brand of knock off Oreos!
Check it out:

Google Search!