Thursday, February 11, 2010

Indoor Track is Almost Over :(

On Monday night, I ran in the North Central Connecticut Conference Championship meet for Indoor Track and earned two medals!

My relay team got 4th place in the Sprint Medley Relay (I ran the 400m leg) and my other team finished 3rd in the 4x200m relay. I also got 13th out of 40+ girls in the 55m dash (8.1s F.A.T.)
This Saturday I'm back in New Haven for the Connecticut Class S State Meet, and I'll let you know how that goes (if it goes well). This will be my last Indoor meet ever, unless I do it at RPI. And I'm so excited for this meet, we might be stopping at either Taco Bell or Burger King afterward (my last fast food meal before I go on an insane health binge before Outdoor Track).

Speaking of getting healthy for the outdoor season, I've been working out a lot. In the past two weeks I've been able to get my max bench press at 90 pounds, which I think is pretty decent for a small girl like me. I also have been able to do 230 pounds on the incline leg press without a problem. So far I haven't even started using creatine or protein shakes, and in the next 5-6 weeks of offseason I plan on trying to bulk up. Hopefully I'll have my bench press up to 100 or more by the time Outdoor starts!

Any other vegan weight-lifters out there? Especially vegan female weightlifters? Most people I talk to are surprised that a girl, let alone a vegan, works out and can lift as much as I can (not being conceited, my school has weak and wimpy girls). Anyway, if you're out there, share a story!


Lauren said...

Here's a great resource for vegan bodybuilding:


Daughter of God said...

I'm glad to hear you're a vegan and working out as much as you do...It's very refreshing because it breaks the stereotype of vegan weaklings which im trying to break others from thinking....only by example :)

Poetry4Teens said...

im surprised you can bench so much but not leg press more. im not saying that in a mean way, but i can do a lot more on the leg press machine but can only bench 70. i guess i would think it would be harder to bench than it would be to do leg presses.. ?

i know you wrote this a year ago, but i was just looking up vegan weightlifting.. especially girls. it IS hard to find that! said...

It can't truly work, I believe like this.

Google Search!