Sunday, May 21, 2006

20 Reasons To Go Vegan

1) Vegans on average live 6 years longer than non-vegans.
2) The average vegan total cholesterol level is 128. The lowest level for a heart attack is 150.
3) Milk consuption has been linked to cholic, ear infections, asthma, and a whole slew of other diseases.
4) Cholesterol can cause impotence
5) Vegans dont consume any cholesterol
6) Vegans dont smoke, and smoking is one of the leading causes of death
7) 33% percent of Americans are OBESE, while only 2% of vegans are
8) Tofu is a lot cheaper than steak
9) Fur has formeldahyde in it, which has been known to cause cancers and etc
10) Charred meats contain carcinogens that can cause cancers
11) Fast food meats like those at McDonald's have thousands of additives that are not only addictive, they can cause you to gain weight and mess up your whole body
12) The USFDA recognizes vegetarian and vegan diets as the healthiest diets.
13) Veal calves are often stillborn or unborn.
14) Veal calves that are born are raises in crates where they cant even turn around, and are fed only a diet of milk for 16 weeks before they are slaughtered.
15) Dairy cows on average live for 5-7 years, where as they are able to live to 20 years or more!
16) Pigs are more intelligent than dogs, and have the intelligence of a 3-year old.
17) Egg-laying hens are kept without water and food for 14 days at a time to force their bodies into another egg-laying cycle
18) It takes 7 cows to furnish a leather interior Mercedes-Benz
19) Milk is known to cause acne breakouts

How many more reasons do you need?


the depp said...

but veal is so tender and so darn good

Matthew said...

| the depp said...
| but veal is so tender and so darn
| good

No doubt cats taste fantstic, perhaps you should eat them too? What about humans? I'd bet if you tied them to the ground when they're first born and eat them after a few weeks you'd find they taste "so tender and so darn good" too. Doesn't make it right though.

The Vegan Chick said...

Vegans are supposed to abstain from products that are tested on animals, and cigarettes are probably the worst product tested on animals.

A "vegan" who smokes would be considered only a strict vegetarian, just like a "vegan" who buys and wears leather, fur, etc.

becky said...

Where's the evidence that Vegans live on averag 6 years longer then non vegans? I'd be interested to get a link.

Being a vegan I'm interested in the subject, and, I thought well researched.

As quoted by the Vegan society, there's no difference between the life expectancies of Vegans, Vegetarians and Omnivores.



Anonymous said...

If you know of a vegan that smokes you need to sit them down and start looking up how cigs. are tested on animals and the animal products that go into those. So being vegan does mean you dont smoke, or else your like a straight edge kid that drinks...your just saying it to be cool, or be diffrent or whatever.

Vegans living longer, I have a hard time agreeing with though, do to the fact that many chinese people live to be older than most, and they still consume a good amount of animal based products.

For those of you that strongly disagree with the things said within this blog, should really take the time to educate yourself. It is not a vegans job to sit down and be like "I got my info from here" or to be like "here let me look that up for you"
We have done our studies to be able to bring you information, if you dont want to take it, look it up for yourself.
Simple as that.

Blackbasement Collective

Anonymous said...

It is true that the human body, like any mammal's is designed to process milk, however the human body is NOT designed to process cow's (or any other mammal's, for that matter) milk, which is drastically different from human milk. It's just not natural and very unhealthy. And mammals lose their ability to process milk after infancy, anyway.

sarahe_21 said...

It's true that humans are supposed to breast feed after they are born, but after a certain age we actually produce an intolerance to any kind of milk, because we are supposed to be eating food by then. Also, I used to eat meat, and I used to get horrible stomach aches all the time, but since I stopped, I haven't had any. The way that livestock is treated these days, with hormones, bad living arrangements, and the way they are sloppily slaughtered(sometimes the stomach is accidentally sliced and ends up in your meat! yum!), maybe thats why I got sick. That's my reason for being vegetarian. I've decided to become vegan because of these same reasons. Cheese, yogurt, butter, stuff like that just seems unnatural to me. Plus cheese has something called casein in it, which has the same effect on the brain as morphine, hence, it can be addictive! Eggs don't seem right to me either, I mean, they're dead animal babies! That's just my opinion, but I think I have a few points. I've had my doubts about whether any animal products are meant to be eaten by humans, but I think they're ok for a treat every once in a while, if your not vegan or vegetarian. But, if I had time, and I knew how to hunt, I'd go get me some tasty fresh meat! Otherwise, just go see how these animals are taken care of. That should be enough to make you vegan!!!

Anonymous said...

Milk does not cause any health problems unless consumed in extremely high doses. The human body, as with all mammals, is designed to process milk."


Allie said...

One of the many differences between vegans and strict vegetarians is that vegans avoid products tested on animals. Cigarettes are one of the cruelest products in history to be tested on animals (often dogs.)

If you consider yourself vegan and you smoke, you might as well give a donation to March of Dimes or something of the sort.

Anonymous said...

More reasons to be vegan:


*the egg/dairy industries absolutely could NOT exist without the meat industry. There would be too many males. Simple as that. They are reliant on each other. Think it through carefully and you'll understand. Even if you eat the eggs of your pet chicken, it's still bad as you could not have done this without the egg and therefore the chicken industries existing. Also:

*even free range organic chickens are slaughtered at 16 months, as after this age the eggs are less lkely to be perfect

*dairy cows are also the mother cows, making veal calves.

*remember there is no such thing as an "ethical" method of killing. Would YOU like to have your throat slit or have your neck snapped for example?

*if a person has had a happy life, does that make it acceptable to cut his life short and take away his future? Remember that humans are animals too and we all have an inherent will to live (obv except suicidals etc)

*honey bees are usually killed as the beekeepers take all the honey when the bees need some to survive


*at any one time livestock out number people 3.5 to 1. Think of all the food that need to be grown for them, when humans could eat the food themselves and cut out the middle man (animals)

*25% of global warming is due to rainforest destruction and change of land use, and the vast majority of this of this is caused by farming.

*farming (cows I think) produces huge amountsof nitrous oxide and methane which are respectively 296 and 23 more potent greenhouse gases than CO2

*it takes Huuuuuuuuge amounts more energy and water to produce meat than veg. I can't remember the statistics but trust me they are phenomenal.

*there are way too many livestock animals in the world. If you think the human population is too big (10% of all humans ever alive are alive NOW) think of the farmed animals - it's unnatural.

*"ethical" farming is even worse green-wise as the animals need even more land and resources.

*basically the world simply does not have enough resources or room to be anything other than vegan. As one very important bloke says: "we have to treble food production by 2040 without using any more land or create 5 billion vegans"

*people don't realize all this because they don't associate global warming with it. They think that because theres physically nough room for loads of animals and people there are no problems. HELLO - GLOBAL WARMING.

*the British government are trying to gently get this message across but so far have been to pussy. They think it will make people hate Labour even more.

Anonymous said...


*please do not preach non-veganism to us. If you don't like what you're reading/talking about then carry on with your ignorance, carry on with your "out of sight, out of mind" approach and leave us alone.

*as said, if you don't agree with what we say go and educate yourself. I'm not going to quote everything I've read, or prove something is a fact - if you don't believe us it's YOUR job to find out. remember we are vegans for a reason.


*It is absolutley NOT DIFFICULT to get all your nourishment.

*there is very little efffort needed to get protein, all 8 amino's. This is the most annoying myth. Just because meat is high in protein (inferior protein to vegan sources, as it happens) and milk is high in calcium (also inferior) does not mean these are the only sources.

*every vitamin etc are available naturally in the vegan diet. B12 would come from root vegetables but not anymore due to unnatural modern farming methods.

*People always say "I'd rather be happy" etc. Your happiness will NOT be effected, and your life won't either.

*People are daunted by the prospect of veganism and are put off.

*The biggest mistake is try to have a diet exactly he same as before with vegan substitutes. Bad idea, you won't enjoy it and will feel you're living off 'fake' stuff. You need to think of all the vegan things available that yu haven't tried yet.

*No you can't eat cheese again, but you will find things in the vegan diet that you enjoy just as much. Anyway why should people and animals die and the environment be affected jjust for your tastebuds?

Anonymous said...

vegans don't smoke?? why?

Anonymous said...

nvm i get it sry i asked.

Bruno said...

I respect your position, although I myself am an omnivore. I won't get into how environmentally unfriendly soy farming is, but I will say that (at least in europe) there are brands of organic rolling tobacco that are not tested on animals. There's lots of companies that hire rational people that are perfectly aware of the risks to test their products.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: *basically the world simply does not have enough resources or room to be anything other than vegan. As one very important bloke says: "we have to treble food production by 2040 without using any more land or create 5 billion vegans"

You forgot the best option: Get rid of 3 billion people.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't go Vegan. There's nothing quite like a good burger, and I believe humans have a right to raise animals, kill them, eat them, chew them, and poop them. I do, however, respect the Vegan lifestyle and it is admirable how you people have the discipline to control your eating habits.

Anonymous said...

Vegans do smoke. Most people I know roll there own. there is organic tobacco available. I smoke organic mugwort. It's a natural herb and it's fantabulous!!

Tim said...

I would but as I don't live by myself, the rest of my family will feed me meat

Anonymous said...

i stopped eating eggs after my biology teacher said in class: "eggs are chicken period." yuck.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because the comments actually have made me think more about becoming vegan than the actual article. Thank you for all of your comments.

Anonymous said...

i actually know a lot of vegans who smoke...

if vegans dont consume cholesterol then why do they have a cholesterol level of 128?

not trying to start and arguement, just curious.

Anonymous said...

man going vegan is good for the earth yourself and pretty much everything

and if you're that shallow and all you care about is looks vegans are sexy too!

Anonymous said...

Eggs are not check periods.

I'm a vegeterian. Due to my mothers refusal to let me become vegan and my intense dislike of soya and rice milk I still eat milk and eggs. However, I fully intend on finding a milk substitute that I like so I can become an ovo-vegeterian.

wade said...

Hello, I liked your list and so I made a YouTube video of me reading it. I don't mean to come off narcissistic, please like the video and not ask me to take it down.

Anonymous said...

im a 15-yr-old vegan and find it easy to be vegan, but many people are just all like "Oh, i would die if i was a vegan" im just like wutev. Go fellow vegans/vegetarians. the animals need us :) booo all u animal killers, u suck !! :P

Anonymous said...

to sarahe_21:
I'm on your side in this argument, but...
Eggs are not dead animal babies. They are unfertilized. They are the result of the chicken's menstrual cycle - in other words, the chicken's 'period'.

Zorn said...

I'm a vegan and I smoke. In January I will be a vegan for one year. Although I'm not vegan for health reasons, or necessarily for animal rights, although those things are pluses. My decision is based more to a response to a sustainability problem, resources and environment. That is also why I switched to rolling my own cigarettes instead of buying those with filters...
Any way, the point is some Vegans (at least this one) do smoke :) said...

You are a faggot. Oh my God, your self-righteous bullshit makes me glad that you will be a doddering, diaper-filling prick for 6 years more than I will be. I look forward to eating my bacon double cheeseburger tomorrow, because meat is awesome, and you are not.

Anonymous said...

hey i was just wondering..
do cows NEED to be milked? a friend told me by not milking the cows it can lead to an infection in the udder etc. :S

Anonymous said...

sorry, actually posted that before i google'd it

fufu whore said...

I love these facts, now I know more :)
I am currently vegetarian, but I am on my way to becoming vegan. Thanks for the extra facts I never knew!!! :)

Krista Sue said...

I don't think we should have to live up to every vegan standard.
I smoke, and drink and I have a few leather items.
I still don't eat meat, eggs or milk.
I consider myself a Vegan, and maybe you think it's not legit, but I'm living up to my vegan standards, not yours or anyone else.
That's the way it should be.

Sam said...

I tried to just cut back on meat and eat more vegies and i got sick

can anyone explain this to me

Chanell said...

Sam, I recommend that you wean yourself off meat. Take away one form at a time until it's gone. You don't want to shock your system. When my family and I went vegan, we cut out red meat first, then milk, then all cheese, then pork, then chicken, fish, and eggs went bye bye last. None of us got sick, but your body will have to adjust, and your digestive functions may be off for a little while.

I can honestly say that going vegan was the best decision I ever made, and my husband and kids have come right along with me and are are really happy.

Good luck, if you decide to try again. I will recommend 2 websites to you: and

Cassandra said...
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Anonymous said...

Kudos to Krista Sue!:)

I was vegetarian for 6 years and then went back to the omnivore lifestyle in college, only to return to vegetarianism for 4 years and have been vegan for the past year. I think it is important to identify as vegan, but i do not feel my veganism has to impress anyone. From time to time, i will eat an egg, but only from chickens that are rescue birds. I feel very passionately that supporting chicken rescues and not wasting the resource of the egg is one of the best solutions to this current epidemic of animal overpopulation. Eggs are in fact seeds; as a nut begets a tree, so an egg grows into a chicken. The heart of veganism resides in compassion for ALL life. No life, plant or animal (and yes animal includes human) is more precious than any other - all life is precious and deserves respect - no omnivore, carnivore, or herbivore would argue that.

as for the guy going on and on about devouring cheeseburgers, nobody is telling you not to do that. Do what feels right to you. If you are offended, that is coming from within yourself.

Love for everything, including those who don't agree. After all, we're all one :)

shane said...

Who says smoking isn't vegan? I smoke organic tobacco which I roll myself using hemp or rice paper.
Smoking tobacco is also not as big of a killer as people are made to believe, much like marijuana, when smoked in large amounts it increases risks of cancer, but I am a firm believer (and there is plenty of evidence to support) that anything that is grown on this earth that isn't a poison when ingested is not a large risk to our health. Why are there 90-100+ year olds in Mongolia and other Asian countries in particular who smoke rolled tobacco daily and are still healthy?
I suggest vegans concentrate more on the GMO's and other chemicals being put into their foods (especially soy based) which have been linked to numerous cancers and health issues.
Looking into the likes of Monsanto is a good start.
A large proportion of my diet is Vegan, and I have many friends who are as well. We all smoke rolled cigarettes and are more concerned with the chemicals being put into our bodies and human rights than preaching veganism and the killing of animals (which is not seen as unethical to many) to non vegans or vegetarians.

shane said...
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shane said...
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shane said...

Humans are also not animals. By biological definition yes, but science is far behind our age and reality in recognising our own existence (put as 20 times off by the likes of Michio Kaku). Human spirit lives on through other dimensions, and whilst we can connect with animals through energy, vibrations and tone, animals do not.
Lastly global warming doesn't exist, it's simply to steal even more of your money through emissions taxes ;)

Anonymous said...


BryantEnterprise said...

Didn't know that about the cigarettes. I'm quitting now :)

You may have just also saved me from lung cancer. Thanks for some awesome motivation.

Anonymous said...

hey. i really like this site. i'm a new vegan and the reason i am a vegan is because of the animals...for about a month now, i've been trying out the vegan thing and absolutely loving it and knowing i'm standing up for something amazing while doing it. i followed a vegetarian diet for seven years before and an ovo-vegetarian diet towards the end. it ended up being that the only thing i was eating that was dairy was cheese and the dairy in the veggie products (morningstar farms) so i just stopped.

BUT, I SMOKE. i've been smoking for three years and believe me, before i decided going vegan i searched everything. because i'm pretty much an ethical vegan more than anything else and anyone else like that can still smoke. american spirit cigarettes are vegan, actually and you can also roll your own or make your own cigarettes because that's unprocessed tobacco most of the time.

so don't generalize vegans into being non smokers. i refuse to believe that i abstain from eating any kind of dairy products AND i switched to all natural beauty produsts a looooong time before this. so just because i smoke, i'm not good enough? i'm doing my part to save the environment. but if i want a cigarette that isn't tested on animals, i'm allowed to have one and be vegan.

marijuana is ALSO vegan :) and i'm sure lots of vegans still smoke that. smoking isn't just cigarettes either.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info and encouragement. Though I think it gets a little ridiculous though when it goes so far as to say you can't smoke and be a vegan. That's like saying you can't drive a car cause look at that oil spill over there in the Gulf and how many animals it's killing, or you can't read a book cause the trees that were chopped down to make it probably caused the death of some forest critters. Doing anything causes 'harm' in one way or another, it is ALL CONNECTED. However, we can make the obvious choices and be the positive change in humanity by being conscious of your actions. That's all. Going vegan now. Cheers.

italandveganworld said...

Very ital site you have!
Keep up the vegan work..
Blessed love

Ash said...

Well, I just came across this blog tonight. I've been considering for an awful long time becoming a vegan. I've noticed that consuming animal products (specifically eggs, turkey burgers, etc) make me feel sluggish and crappy and when I eat it I have zero energy for the whole day. So I have been ready to give it all up. Well, after doing some research (and watching that video, "meet your meat" on peta's website), I have no doubt that this is the right decision for me. I cannot in a right conscience support what goes on with the cattle, cows, chickens, piglets... It's so awful. I cannot condone it. For good.

Anonymous said...

i wanna go vegan and i think this post helped a little lately every time i eat meat i get so disgusted because i start picturing aminals

Pauli said...

Haha, I've been vegan for.. maybe three months? I'm a boy of 16 years. My transition was like.. I started to have more often the vegetarian option on the school food list (as we have school food paid from tax cash here in Finland) and during the last summer, I ate more and more vegan meals 'til I stopped eating any animal products. I don't usually smoke, just sometimes begging a random cig from mates. But I can't see any ethical reasons for refusing to drink booze.. as the Finnish mass lagers (that are mostly drunk to get wasted :P) don't use any animal clarifying, and neither do the hard spirits.
Again a random post with no sense, typical for me. :/

Anonymous said...

Why are people saying eggs are dead baby animals? I disagree.
However, that said, I personally find eggs disgusting and revolting and do not understand why anybody would want to eat one.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make it easier for you guys to understand the Myths and Truth about being a vegan. Lets say it in a better way, keeping yourself healthy by living a life with out Chemi-kills. If you would like to learn more about living a healthier life just click on

I might be helping someone's life by leading them to this type of information.

Johneh Sankar said...

After all we can see a 20 gr8 reasons here.. still some kinda Animals won't agree. Still one more reason left behind... Going vegan makes you show love to fellow beings of this gifted planet. Vegan is the difference between the 6th sense and the Nasty hunting 5th sense. Imagine, someone sucking yo momma's breast to feed their baby, leaving yo hungry behind. Imagine, someone killing yo jus born baby for protein and six packs. GO VEGAN pals.

JosephTheMeatEater said...

I am not a vegan and will not be. I will admit that this is completely selfish, but let me show you a few holes in your argument.

‎1) True, or at least sounds very likely.

2) So, because there is low cholesterol, they are not likely to have heart attacks. Got it.

3) Colic is only common in babies and very few who are not infants are subject to it. As for the other diseases, the fact that it is milk has nothing to do with spreading the disease.

4) So can becoming old(:

5) Cholesterol is needed for your body to function properly, along with producing Vitamin D and helping to digest foods properly. 128 is a very low level and may not be completely healthy for a person.

6) While smoking is a leading cause of death, there are cigarettes that have stated that they are not tested on animals. With this in mind, you can still smoke while being a vegan.

7) This is only because there is a low level of fat in vegan and vegetarian diets. Healthy consumption of regular foods and a balanced diet can prevent obesity just as well as being a vegan can, if not better.

8) And? While tofu is a seemingly healthy alternative, it is a disgusting food in my opinion, and is basically dehydrated, cubed soy milk.

9) A lot of thing have formaldehyde in them. Heck, a basic chemistry lab does too!

10) If you're careful how you cook your meat, you have nothing to worry about.

11) This is why it is the individual's own responsibility to stay away from McDonalds. Being a vegan is only a motivation to stay away, nothing more.

12) Healthy doesn't always mean beneficial. While a person can get all the essential nutrients it needs, in some cases those who do not know where to get what they need to survive can be subject to malnourishment and things like that.

13) This will not change by you not buying or eating veal.

14) Cruelty to animals is to be taken up with the slaughter houses. Not buying the meat will only effect the grocery store instead of the slaughter house itself unless it is on a much larger scale. You alone cannot change that.

15) Most cows in the U.S. are dairy cows, and this will not change. The milk will still be sold and processed. If you don't buy the milk and consume it, the cow's life will be worth nothing(:

16) Yet those in third world countries do not seem to see the difference between dogs and pigs as it has been said that they are both consumed. While this is an obvious stereotype with little to no grounds to support it, it still brings across an interesting point in my opinion.

17) Read my reasoning for number 15, and just change it to eggs.

18) So don't buy Mercedes. These cows will still be killed, sold, and skinned.

19) As are many dairy products, and this can be prevented with frequent washing with or without dairy products.

20) Your fingernails are dead flesh. Yet you don't seem to complain.

Anonymous said...

I just began vegetarian, and I want to become vega, but my parents will not allow me, I'm only 13

Anonymous said...

Go vegetarians and vegans!!! I am curently a 13 year old vegetarian, but when I move out, I WILL become vegan!!!!

Sarah said...

I don't understand why people are so judgemental, i am a vegan, i amproud of being a vegan. Though to each his own, if you think eating meat is the right thing to do awesome for you, but i dont, so dont try to convince me, nor critsice me for something you dont even understand. I do wht i think is rught and so can you. I believe that humans and animals are simmilar and that we form bonds with eachother, which means that animals have feelings, sadness, grief,happiness and pain. So therefore killing an animal is the same as killing a human to me. I am healthy, thin, have a great complexion and have endless ammounts of energy, and i am saving the encironment and animals lives at the same time. Veganism makes you sexier, smarter, healthier and most of all compassionate. Please dont judge before you learn what we are about. I want to spread the ease and conveinance of veganism i also want to spread the word of get off your ass and cook something like you are supposed to.

thats just what i believe.

Anonymous said...

Veal may be nice but remember veal is a child of a cow and you know what sort of people eat/hurt children .. sink ya brain into that fact numbnuts

Anonymous said...

To the person saying not buying meat will not effect slaughter houses - supply and demand my friend. The less people eat meat, the less is demanded from the grocery store and the less is needed to be slaughtered. Therefore if enough people become vegan, the amount of animals being slaughtered will drop dramatically because to kill them without enough people to buy will lose them money.
And as for the 'too low cholesterol levels', our body produces all the cholesterol it needs itself, it doesnt NEED extra, it just starts to clog us up.
I believe that people cannot know true spiritual happiness until they wake up in the morning and know that they are not killing countless other intelligent life without need. Don't get me wrong, if i got dropped on a desert island and had no food i'd be chasing those boars around like a crazy bear until i got myself some food. However in modern society we do not NEED to kill, we are CHOOSING to kill. It is murder without cause, and murder that is making us sick.

Anonymous said...

Actually... Vegans can smoke. A brand called Natural American Spirits does NOT test products on animals
however, i am not encouraging smoking

Anonymous said...

"Vegan's don't smoke" SHUT UP!! I, as well as many other vegans and vegetarians I know smoke. Not all tobacco companies test on animals. Very ignorant, what's next? Vegans don't smoke weed, inject heroin or snort cocaine? Just because you don't smoke, and fail at researching, doesn't mean all vegans and vegetarians abstain from it.

You're only in fucking university, grow up & do some more research. Also, your "raw veganism" at such a young age is going to be a severe health risk, I hope for your health you're taking supplements + vitamins. You're what I like to call a "pretentious vegan" so many of them in your age bracket.

Anonymous said...

Fuck vegan life, don't try push it on others.

Absolute bollucks that vegans live longer than 'non vegans'. Sure the diet is healthy, but so are non vegan diets. I know heaps of vegans that have to take tablets for iron and vitamins to compensate.

How is that natural?

vegnutrition said...

Cholesterol is a substance that our body uses for various functions in including building cell walls. Cholesterol give cell walls fluidity and semi-permeability. It's not cholesterol that is bad for you, but rather too much of it. (Just like Calories aren't inherently bad, but too many Calories can be unhealthy.)

Cholesterol can be found in both animal and plant sources but plants tend to have much lower (sometimes insignificant) amounts of cholesterol because (unlike animals) plants have rigid cells walls. Therefore, vegans consume very little cholesterol while meat eaters consume more. The body is capable of producing all the cholesterol it needs if you eat the raw materials (found in fats). However, it is not bad to consume the cholesterol that you need because your body will just not produce the amount you consume. It is only a problem if you consume too much. Too much means your body is producing zero cholesterol and you still have more than you need. Then your body will start to store it in your blood vessels which can lead to health complications.

That "Cholesterol can cause impotence" is inaccurate. Rather eating too much cholesterol is correlated to higher rates of impotence in men.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see a lot of inquisition from non-vegans here - even the negative stuff. I personally welcome cynicism and even criticism. This provides an opportunity do to two things 1) share what you know and 2)learn what you don't know. When you don't know the answer, don't just make up stuff. Research it. There are pros and cons to veganism (as there are to all things in life). Ultimately, this is a very personal decision which can't be forced on anyone.

Some great resources to turn people to are: Diet for a New America (book), Earthlings (documentary), and, a fun one :), Skinny Bitch (book).

My advice: Don't be preachy, but be open to discuss your reasons for veganism when asked. Vegans are few and far between, and we should represent each other well by being educated, well versed, open to discussion, and above all else healthy and happy.

Anonymous said...

To those who bitch about soya products:
80-90% of the world's soya product if fed to livestock, which ends up on carnists plates.

try2chme said...

well...meat is supposed to be dead. Although I do believe that animals are there for us to eat... says the bible and it follows the natural order of living things, etc...
But, as always, humans do ruin things by trying to make things better, but mostly by trying to make a bigger profit, by adding preservatives and chemicals, and torture of animals, etc... I believe that a lot of these additives are whats making people sick... which is the main reason I would like to go at least vegetarian, but for the most part, stay away from fast food...ugh..every time i go on a fast food binge I gain weight, get bloated, lazy, and just feel horrible all over.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person that said:


If you are 100% carnivore, you are dead. Human beings cannot survive entirely on meat. Just saying.

neelesh maharaj said...

Go vegan. Stop the murder of billions of animals. Stop the animal holocaust. See the real world. Vegans walk with a true purpose in life and a true meaning that no meat or animal product eater will ever know. The world will change. To the meat eater there ignorance is my bliss.

modern farming methods said...

Great topic. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If eating meat is bad why does it taste so good?


For those who are unsure of why we are vegan and choose to put us down, know your facts before you judge. Just google the trailer "Earthlings" and maybe it will help you understand :) It has to do with our health, unnecessary torture to animals, and caring for our environment.

Google Search!