Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Pie is FLIPPIN' SWEET!!!

I made that pie last night. It was A-MAZIN'!!!
Normally I've heard to use silken or soft tofu, but it always turns out more like pudding and will never congeal.

So this time I used firm tofu. It solidified perfectly! It was actually solid within 5 mins (but a little longer is better though).

It has a real fudgy texture, so you could also forgo the crust, put in a pan, add more chocolate (or maybe some soymilk) and have fudge!

My aunt was raving over it (I printed out the post for her), and my grandfather said it was very good (he's the most anti-tofu person I have ever met!)

I forgot to mention, that you can also take a few tablespoons of melted chocolate, and with the back of the spoon smear it on the top of the pie filling. It was give it a thin shell of chocolate and looks very pretty.

Bon appetit!

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