Thursday, May 11, 2006

Peta2 Sexiest Vegetarian Competition!!!

We wait around all year for this! (Okay, maybe not all of us...)
Anyway, the Competition is on! (Remember its the PETA2, not the PETA competition, this one has more rock band people and etc)

All you have to do is click the woman and man you think are the best, and click ok!

There werent the greatest people this year. They had tons of guys, but none were that great.

They didnt have Derek Whibley (Sum 41)!!!! He's hot (teenage antics coming out!)
I was pretty disapointed. I went for Joel Madden, he's pretty cute, and I dont believe he's won before.
Naturally, I went for Avril Lavigne (all my other favorites have won in the past, so I'm trying to spread it around).

The actual PETA competition is much better, with pictures and a wider selection. But this is still cool, so vote!

The url is:

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