Thursday, February 15, 2007

Vegan Fast Food Options - UPDATED

I have finally finished updating the Vegan Fast Food Options! Now there is about 50% more new options on the list.

I've done my best to verify the veganity of the items on the list. I originally started out with PETA and other AR-minded organizations lists and then I recently added to them by going to company websites and getting additions by visiting other lists on other sites.

I think this is the most comprehensive list on the web for vegan fast food for national (and international) franchises. Other sites seems to be unorganized or are tailored to a specific region. Some of the franchises only cater to a particular region, but my hope is that if you are travelling somewhere and have a printout of the guide, you will be able to find somewhere to enjoy a meal.

So tell all your friends! Use the Email This Post button on the bottom of this post or the VFFO list post (its the picture of the letter) to send it to all your vegan peeps. Thanks, and soon vegans shall rule the planet MWUHAHAHA!!!

~ Peace ~


vko said...

Ah yes, vegans will take over the world hopefully sooner than later.

Great work and I'm sure it will be extremely helpful for suburban vegans. Just reminded me how much easier it can be to be vegan in an urban setting, especially in New York where there are infinite vegan places & places with vegan options in a three block radius, but your list makes it easy for everyone- so there's no excuse for everyone not to be vegan! said...

Hey, there's so much useful material above!

Google Search!