Monday, December 31, 2007

Vegan New Year's Resolutions Anyone?

I'm a little late doing this, but I'd like to share some tips and reasons (and other useful information you may need) for going vegan if you are interested in doing it as a New Year's Resolution (that's what I did two years ago, and still going strong!)

Here are some tips and pages that I've posted on my blog:
Tips For Going Vegan
20 Reasons to Go Vegan
How Did You Become A Vegetarian/Vegan
Being Vegan is SO EASY (I wrote this less than month after going vegan, it's really true!)
Exiled, But With A Rowboat. A Vegan's Guide to Desserts
Vegan Fat Sources
Tutorial for Vegetarianism/Veganism
Protein Snacks (these can be really useful)
Vegan Fast Food Options

And here are some from other sites:
Vegan Tips
Vegan Tips and Recipes
Vegan Cooking Tips with Ann Gentry

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